Strip Heaters

    Strip Heaters

    Strip heaters, often known as plate heaters, are a simple way of using surface area to transfer heat effectively. If strip heaters are used as a radiant heater, they have can have fins to maximize surface area and heat transfer to the air. Strip heaters can be clamped or bolted onto objects or solid surface contact heating over large areas and are primarily used in indoor applications.
    PMJ offers strip heaters in various constructions, for example, mica, ceramic and finned.
    Mica Strips heaters are designed with the same materials and applications we use when building our Mica Band heaters. And our strip heaters have the same range of dimensions and configuration options available when constructing our Mica Strips.
    Ceramic Strip Heaters are dependable and reliable flat heating elements – designed to provide efficient heat to flat surfaces from common to industrial applications. The seamless sheath design of Ceramic Strip Heaters makes them ‘dimensionally’ stable in milled slots.
    Finned Strip Heaters are used for both forced (mounted in a duct) and natural convection air heating (mounted at the bottom of cabinet type ovens).

    Fins increase the heat transfer surface area to allow higher wattages than standard Strip Heaters. These are intended to be operated with a substantial airflow and are typically used in heating tunnels, dryers or any application that requires a hot air source.
    • Uniform Heat Distribution
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Built solid, durable and versatile
    • Available sheath materials: Stainless Steel, Electro-galvanised Steel
    Common Applications
    • Flat Surface Heating
    • Resistors
    • Anti-Condensation Panel Heater
    • Food Warming Equipment
    • Ovens
    Strip Heaters   Strip Heaters        
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