Manifold Heaters

    Manifold Heaters

    Unlike the conventional tubular heaters, manifold heater’s flexibility is the key that makes it difference. It can be bent to fit virtually any 2D or 3D groove using special tool set. The precision fit optimizes heat transfer to the working surface.
    While some may call manifold heater as mold heater, precise forming of the heater is required for it to fit properly into the groove in the hot runner mold. To ensure this fit, we normally use a template as an inspection tool in the forming process. This template can be supplied by the customer or manufactured by PMJ as per customer’s design.
    The manifold heaters are available in round diameters of 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.7mm and 8.3mm.
    Manifold heaters are tested for Insulation test, High Voltage Test and Leakage Current test, in order to ensure your worry-free usage.

    Cemented curing surface can be done upon requested.
    • Various heater diameter to choose from, from Ø4.0mm – Ø8.3mm
    • Can be installed onto almost any groove placement
    • Higher wattage and better heat transfer
    • Can be installed by inexperienced personnel
    Common Applications
    • Hot Runner System
    • Heating of Platen
    Manifold Heaters   Manifold Heaters        
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