Air Duct Heaters

    Air Duct Heaters

    PMJ Air Duct Heaters are installed in plenums, ducts or pipes to heat forced air in industrial equipment and systems. A wide variety of heater designs and sizes are available to provide outlet air temperatures up to 600°C. The air can be either recirculated or fresh. Recirculated air is used to reduce power consumption and heater size. Fresh air is used when ventilation of the process is necessary. Air duct heaters are installed in ovens, furnaces, autoclaves, dryers, conveyor systems, pressure vessels, and other equipment to supply the precise amount of clean heat.
    We can supply individual finned elements for use in OEM equipment or entire duct heater assemblies where we have complete control over the product including the elements, frames and controls. PMJ has earned an outstanding reputation for exceptional quality, reliability and long life.
    There are various types of duct heaters. Some of the commonly used duct heaters are named below.
    • Tubular Duct Heaters
    • Finned Tubular Duct Heaters
    • Open Coil Duct Heaters
    Whether it’s an open coil duct heater, a tubular or a finned tubular duct heater, each duct heater serves the main purpose which remains the same – to heat up a large area in the most efficient and economical method. However, the type may vary based on their construction, advantages, disadvantages and functionality differences.
    Air duct heater offer a number of options. They are:
    • Linear cut-outs
    • Airflow switches
    • Fan relays
    • Thermal cut-outs
    • Magnetic contactors
    • Pilot lights
    • Pilot switches
    • Pneumatic switches
    • Rigid construction to withstand harsh environments
    • Reinforced frame allows for minimum vibration and elevated temperatures
    • Sturdy support brackets allow for easy replacement of elements when needed
    • Disconnecting switches, airflow switches to help control unexpected pressure drops
    • Manual reset limit thermal cut-out is used to prevent excessive temperatures
    Common Applications
    • HVAC
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Semiconductor
    • Chemical Processing
    • Food Processing
    • Sterilizing
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