Silicon Carbide Heaters

    Silicon Carbide Heaters

    Silicone Carbide Heaters, or SiC Heaters, are manufactured in recrystalized alpha silicon carbide, and have been designed to maximize performance in the widest range of high temperature equipment.
    SiC heaters are used in applications ranging in temperature from below 600°C up to 1600°C, in both air and controlled atmospheres, although the type of atmosphere will determine the maximum recommended element temperature. They can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, and as the material remains rigid, even at the maximum operating temperatures, no special supports are required.
    SiC heaters are occasionally used alongside with Silicon Nitride protection tube, in order to provide additional protection, especially for molten aluminium, molten zinc as well as molten copper application.
    • Can be used in applications ranging from 600°C to 1600°C
    • Considerable savings in furnace construction cost
    • Maintenance is greatly simplified
    Common Applications
    • Aluminium Melting and Holding Furnaces
    • Die Casting Furnaces
    • Glass Manufacturing
    • Ceramic Manufacturing
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