Infrared Radiant Heaters

    Infrared Radiant Heaters

    Infrared radiant heat energy can be delivered to concentrated areas at a very fast rate with individual heaters or heater arrays.

    Infrared radiant heater can be differentiated in multiple wavelengths:
    • Short Wave Heaters
    • Medium Wave & Long Wave Heaters
    • Ceramic Infrared Heaters
    Short wave heaters, or commonly known as IR Heaters, are used in various industrial applications. The quartz envelope allows transmission of IR energy and protecting the filament from convective cooling and corrosion.
    As for medium and long wave heaters, there are also few range of heaters available, namely Quartz Infrared Heaters and Black Infrapara Heaters. They are excellent for surface heating and for drying coatings paint, dyes, lacquers, adhesives and in the processing of plastic sheet and films.

    Medium or long wave emissions do not penetrate as deep into substrates as shortwave. The emissions are readily absorbed by water films, plastics and many solvents. Medium and long wave heaters are slower in response to changes in process requirement as compared to the short-wavelength lamps and are slower to heat up and cool down.

    Ceramic Infrared Heaters are efficient, robust heaters which provide long wave infrared radiation. The ceramic heaters are used in a diverse range of industrial and engineering applications such as thermoforming heaters, packaging and as heaters for paint curing, printing and drying. They are also used very effectively in infrared outdoor heaters and infrared saunas. PMJ carries few reputable brands, namely Elstein, Ceramicx and Infrapara.
    • High operating temperatures
    • Quick heat-up and cool-down
    • Special sizes, wattages, and materials available upon request
    • Minimal heat loss
    • Clean heat
    • Versatile
    Common Applications
    • Thermoforming
    • Conveyor Oven
    • Medical
    • Food Industry (Baking/ Drying/ Curing)
    • Paint spray booth
    • Poultry
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