Furnace Heating Elements

    Furnace Heating Elements

    The heating elements can be nickel-chromium (NiCr) based alloys, or iron-chromium-aluminium (FeCrAl) based alloys; which the latter offer higher maximum operating temperature and a longer life.
    The two main types of alloys possess their own specific properties, with advantages and disadvantages, and are supplied in many different grades and forms. Examples of element types are: spiral coil or meander shaped elements.
    FeCrAl based heating elements proves to be more cost-efficient then NiCr because they have a lower density, which means that a higher number of elements can be made with an equal weight. Other characteristics include resistance to sulphurous and carbonaceous atmospheres.
    We are able to provide following grades:
    • Kanthal A-1 (Up to 1400°C)
    • Kanthal AF (Up to 1300°C)
    • Kanthal D (Up to 1300°C)
    • Nikrothal 80 (Up to 1200°C)
    • Maximum operating temperature of 1400°C
    • Longer lifetime
    • Higher surface load
    • Higher resistivity
    • Lower density
    Common Applications
    • Industrial Furnaces
    • Laboratory Furnaces
    • Tempering Furnace
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