Coil Heaters

    Coil Heaters

    Coil heaters, also known as spring heaters, feature operating temperatures up to 650C. Coil heaters are most commonly being used in plastic hot runner system. Rapid heating and cooling occur, due to low mass construction. All heating elements are sealed from contamination and the stainless-steel sheath provides maximum corrosion resistance. An optional internal thermocouple may be utilized for over temperature control.
    Coil heater is a high performance heater which allows higher wattage in a limited space, comparing to the conventional mica nozzle heater. The ability to shape a coil heater when cold enables to heat up parts with different shapes. During coiling, the gap between turns of coils can be modified to compensate for the heat losses at each end of the coil or to insert the heating elements into slots.
    • Range from Micro Mini to Maxi Coil heater so you can choose the right size and wattage capability for your application.
    • Have internal thermocouple options or could be used with external thermocouples.
    • Can be wound to directly fit a nozzle, embedded in a thermal mass for nozzle, formed into a groove for three dimensional heating
    • Can be manufactured with longer cold sections to allow higher temperature application to utilize flexible leads and moisture resistance.
    Stock Range
    • Various coil sizes from stock for immediate delivery. Please request stock item by the default contact form or directly contact us via email or phone call.
    Common Applications
    • Hot Runner System
    • Plastic Extrusion Machine
    • Injection Molding Machine
    • Thermoforming Machine
    • Blow Molding Machine
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